Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged again

I normally don't really do tags, but this one is easy enough. All you do is pick the 4th picture in the the 4th folder and tell about it. Well here's mine. I think this was our anniversary or my birthday(they are just days apart) but I think this was our 5th anniversary. Tyler had Walker bring in a dozen red roses. Walker Walked up handed me roses that were almost as big as he was and said, "Here mommy."  I love getting flowers. I know they dont last long and they die, but I love the way they look, and smell and who they came from.Tyler is always really good about birthdays, and anniversaries and always tries to do something special and thoughtful for me.I'm just lucky to have him! So now I annoyingly tag Meredith, Amanda, Brianne(if she'll participate) Amy, Destiny ,Tina Ashley,and Tandy. Just do it, its an easy one!!


Miss Fergie said...

That's so cute! That's one thing my husband is really not good at. LOL!

Kleinmans said...

Such a cute picture! How nice that you get roses. I used to say that I hated getting flowers, but I've totally changed my philosophy on that! Love 'em!

Edwards Clan said...

I was so happy to see your comment on my blog! I'm glad you have a blog too. I will have to check in often. I hope everything is going well with your cute family!