Wednesday, October 22, 2008

San Diego Trip

For fall break we decided last minute to take a family trip to San Diego. We love San diego! Tyler's parents met us there for  a week of fun! We stayed right on the beach so we had plenty of beach time. If there's such a thing! We did the beach and Sea World, ate at my all time favorite restaurant in Old Town, Balboa park and just had a great time. Were so glad that grandma and grandpa Atkin were up for the adventure! We had a blast!

Walker enjoying the warm sand and turning himself into the "sandman"

Lilly loved playing in the sand and teasing her brother
Lilly thought it was so funny putting sand down Walker's swimsuit! Can you say pesky little sister!

Ella's first visit to the beach

Walker and Lilly paying in the water.I love this picture
Walker collecting sea shells

The kids LOVED the Shamu show. Tyler and Walker saw it 2x's

Ella just hung out! While we were at Sea World I found 3 new teeth pocking out! OUCH!! She was still such a trooper.
Walker and Lilly in the Polar bear cave. The cave sounds like a huge Polar Bear growL. You can tell my their faces they were a bit scared!
Walker got to go on the water roller coaster ride with dad and grandma. Lilly isn't tall enough to go and was so sad. Grandpa made her  happy though!
Just hangin out!
Riding rides was fun with dad and grandma! How many grandma's do you know who love rides?
Mom and Walker on the ride~

Walkers new smile, he always makes this face now for the camera.

Two very tired and exhausted kids! They played hard at Sea World
We had such a fun time and look forward going back.


Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

How Fun! Looks like the kids had a good time:) I love the sunset on the beach pictures...SO pretty!

Amanda said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I love the sun, love the beach, and love San Diego. Can I PLEASE come next time, I will even watch your kids so you and Tyler can go out :)

Meredith said...

way cute pictures! I love the one on the beach (the one you said you loved) you should frame that!
How fun to go to cali..i want to go :) are you coming to AZ anytime, i want to see you

Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

What a fun trip! Nothing like last minute trips to California to boost your spirits!

Amy said...

OK, reminds me of our trip to San Diego, Old Town, Sea World, beach. Ahhhh the good ole days. The beach is a little different with kids, eh? It makes for cute pictures though. Miss you!

Tandy said...

Oh my goodness, that makes me want to go there right now. budget? who needs a budget.

Parcell's said...

Kim, these pictures are adorable. I also love the kids in the sunset pic, I think you should blow it up and have it framed. It is beautiful. I am jealous of your get a way! All though, I can only imagine all the sand that you will keep finding everywhere and the laundry that I am sure you are trying to barrel through! Good luck with all that! How fun it is to spy on others family trips.

Kleinmans said...

How fun! San Diego is one of my favorite places to vacation to. I think I'd make the trip just to go to the zoo it! How fun!