Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adults Halloween Party

Stacy and J Pack
All of the "gents"

All of the ladies dressed up!
All week long I have been trying to catch up on laundry, and getting the kids back on schedule. That's what happens when you get home from vacation! So to say the least we were really looking forward to the "adults only"Halloween party .Our neighbors and good friends hosted a Murder Party with 12 other couples and had a Renaissance theme.We got a babysitter for the kids and had ourselves a  great time at the party. We were surrounded with fun friends that were all dressed up and mid evil food that was all really good. And guess who was the murderer? That would be me. Only one person guessed me as the murderer. So I was a dang good actress! I was really surprised how easy it was to get Tyler to participate. Usually he doesn't want to dress up and look ridiculous, but he did. It was a lot of fun! Thanks to Stacy and J Pack for a fun night! My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so much.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged again

I normally don't really do tags, but this one is easy enough. All you do is pick the 4th picture in the the 4th folder and tell about it. Well here's mine. I think this was our anniversary or my birthday(they are just days apart) but I think this was our 5th anniversary. Tyler had Walker bring in a dozen red roses. Walker Walked up handed me roses that were almost as big as he was and said, "Here mommy."  I love getting flowers. I know they dont last long and they die, but I love the way they look, and smell and who they came from.Tyler is always really good about birthdays, and anniversaries and always tries to do something special and thoughtful for me.I'm just lucky to have him! So now I annoyingly tag Meredith, Amanda, Brianne(if she'll participate) Amy, Destiny ,Tina Ashley,and Tandy. Just do it, its an easy one!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

San Diego Trip

For fall break we decided last minute to take a family trip to San Diego. We love San diego! Tyler's parents met us there for  a week of fun! We stayed right on the beach so we had plenty of beach time. If there's such a thing! We did the beach and Sea World, ate at my all time favorite restaurant in Old Town, Balboa park and just had a great time. Were so glad that grandma and grandpa Atkin were up for the adventure! We had a blast!

Walker enjoying the warm sand and turning himself into the "sandman"

Lilly loved playing in the sand and teasing her brother
Lilly thought it was so funny putting sand down Walker's swimsuit! Can you say pesky little sister!

Ella's first visit to the beach

Walker and Lilly paying in the water.I love this picture
Walker collecting sea shells

The kids LOVED the Shamu show. Tyler and Walker saw it 2x's

Ella just hung out! While we were at Sea World I found 3 new teeth pocking out! OUCH!! She was still such a trooper.
Walker and Lilly in the Polar bear cave. The cave sounds like a huge Polar Bear growL. You can tell my their faces they were a bit scared!
Walker got to go on the water roller coaster ride with dad and grandma. Lilly isn't tall enough to go and was so sad. Grandpa made her  happy though!
Just hangin out!
Riding rides was fun with dad and grandma! How many grandma's do you know who love rides?
Mom and Walker on the ride~

Walkers new smile, he always makes this face now for the camera.

Two very tired and exhausted kids! They played hard at Sea World
We had such a fun time and look forward going back.

Monday, October 6, 2008

top 20 things that bug me

1. Cheap people(frugal is fine)
2.Public bathrooms(I'll just hold it)
3. Lilly's room( I'll pick it up and 10 minutes later, its a disaster)
4. Dirty sinks
5. Getting gas in the snow (Ty usually makes sure I don't have to do this)
6.Taking out the garbage( in the snow)
7. Blow Drying my hair(It takes FOREVER)
8. The f- word
9.Getting out of a hot shower and being cold when I get out
10. Nursing ( I'm still doing this one)
11. Being cold( can you tell I hate winter?)
12. Smelly dish rags
13. Teller marketers ( especially the same ones that keep calling)
14.Bad breath
15.Women that look and feel great during pregnancy(basically women that LOVE being pregnant)
16. Skinny people that think they're fat
18. When my kitchen is a mess(I cant go to bed until its clean)
19.SLOW people at the checkout( I seem to always be in the wrong line)
20.the never ending football game on t.v (this seems to be every Sunday!!)
 ****Lacie thinks I'm being bitter so heres 20 things that make me happy!!****
1. Warm sunny days
2. When my children say "thank-you" after I made them dinner
3. A good book
4. A great movie
5. Warm homemade choc.chip cookies
6. A clean house(including Lilly's room)
7. Being w/ my family
8.A great pair of fitting jeans
9. going on dates w/my husband
10. Good friends
11.  Make-up counters
12. My young women (I love my cute beehives)
13. A really good work out
14. Getting my hair done
15. Going to the temple
16. Girls night outs
17. A quiet house(never happens!)
18. Going to the dentist and not having any cavities (never happens)
19. My children( I just love em)
20. When my kids FINALLY get something I've been trying to teach them( Walker can now write his name, we've been working on this for MONTHS!!)
21.The gospel( I don't know what I would be like w/o it)
***Hope your happy now Lacie**** Now it's your turn

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soccer days are over

A few months ago Walker told us he really, really wanted to play soccer this fall. So being good parents, we signed him up to play. He got his uniform, soccer shoes, and pads and he was really fired up to go play soccer with his buddies. Then came game day! He was kicking and screaming and not wanting to go AT ALL. What on earth happened to the child that REALLY, REALLY  wanted to play soccer. I began to think I took crazy pills. By choice, he sat out most of the 1st  game. Once again, what happened to the excited boy, who wanted to play soccer?!! So throughout the week, we talked about how to be a good sport on the field and just play to have fun. it's supposed to be fun, right? By the second game, he played and had a fun time doing it. The games were two times  a week between 5 and 6:30. Which made things really busy at our house. Busy is fun and good, but being at three spots at the same time is difficult.There were many times it was like pulling teeth to get Walker ready to go,but once he was there he had a good time. Soccer isn't one of his favorite sports to play.  At least, right now. Its great to watch and see your children grow and learn new things and develop their talents.It's all about trial error and learning what they like and enjoy doing. I'm learning as I go. Poor Walker, he's our trial and error child. Hopefully in the end he'll still loves us!! We had a great time going to his games and cheering him on. GO WALKER !!!