Monday, September 15, 2008

Orem Owlz game

Friday night we met up with the Boxx family at the Owlz game. It's one of the last games of the year. You can defiantly feel fall is in the air! We went and got tickets and went to dinner w/ just Walker and Lilly. We left Ella w/a sitter. It was the first time, I ever left her! But she did great. Dinner was fun. its crazy how just having the two kids made it so much easier.We had grass seats up on the hill, you cant have a bad seat at the Owlz game. When the kids weren't watching the game they could go play on the jungle gym, and they loved playing on the hill tackling each other, and rolling down the hill.  Of coarse Lilly had to have a treat, but she shared w/ everyone!It was a great time.It was really fun being with the Boxx's and their cute family.I know that fall is just around the corner and I love that, but that means winter is close too.And Utah winters are brutal!Anyway, we had a great weekend with the kids, and enjoyed the beautiful fall weekend! 


Meredith said...

I WISH it was fall here...did you write that post just to rub it in to everyone here??? You guys look cute as always

Emily R said...

WHATS UP!!!??? so where in UT do you live? UT is so pretty... miss mountains... (glad you found me. what a cute fam you have!!!)