Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today, seven years ago our country was attacked. I remember watching it on t.v like everyone else and thinking in my head,"is this for real."Unfortunately, it was real and is still so real today. I've seen on t.v a million times over the airplanes crashing into New York city's Twin Towers and people running desperately. they are images I'll never be able to forget. It was such a sad and scary time. I remember being at work at the time and everything came to a stop and we were all glued to the news. Tyler and I were just married and I felt so useless just sitting there watching all these people suffer.I know I couldn't sleep that night, being somewhat frightened that act of terrorism wasn't over and what could possibly happen next.I just think how sad our Heavenly father must have felt that day watching, his children do such horrible acts to one another.I just know how very greatly I am to live in the United States and have the freedoms we have. I know I take it for granted.... a lot.Do you remember where you were 7 years ago?

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Meredith said...

I was driving to school (aesthetician) and didnt realize at 1st how big of a deal it was. I know, weird. But then I got to school and everyone was in tears and they sent us home. Then the day got really weird. I didnt even feel safe at sad