Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer weekend

Pioneer Day in Utah is one of our biggest holidays. We have Spanish fork days that has the rodeo, carnivals,booths for the family,and fireworks. So its a pretty big deal, and a lot of fun. For Pioneer day we took the kids bowling and to dinner. Later that night we went to some friends house for fireworks and to watch an outdoor movie. They brought out their projector and put a sheet across the fence  and put "Goonies" on! The kids loved it. We lit fireworks and had a great time with friends. 
 Then on Saturday our culd-a-sac put on a big "neighborhood" BBQ.We went with an Olympic theme, where each house in the neighborhood had a different  event. We had some  blow up water slides and a blow up trampoline, lots of food and fun people! It was a ton of fun. Later everyone went to our neighbors house to do smores in their fire pit.You can only imagine how cool the kids thought that was .So for those of you that missed it, you really missed it! But there  is always next year(maybe). To say the least Walker and Lilly were exhausted from their week of fun. Summer is truly the best!


Chelsi said...
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Chelsi said...

Sorry i had to delete the 1st post!! I hope you had a great time at your "Cul-de-sac of FUN" Next year maybe I will grace you with my presence!! hee hee hee Actually next year I won't miss it! Hey email your email so I can let you into my blog

Jen B. said...

Thanks again for having us! It was so fun. I love the pictures of the dirty faced kids!!