Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas get togethers

Santa enjoying the ladies!!

Lilly was a little scared of the"Big Man"
There is Dancer, Vixon, Prancer, Commet and Cupid!!!

Some friends of ours had a Christmas get together at their house. And Santa even came. Most of the kids thought he was really cool. My kids haven't really wanted anything to do with Santa this year. Maybe because most of the Santa's at the mall are ex-cons or something! But Santa Claus made an appearance at the party.It was fun to see how excited the kids got when they saw him. He was a really good Santa. He had the kids and some of the adults wear reindeer antlers and we sang Christmas songs. Each child sat on Santa's lap and told him what they wanted. Walker wants Lego's( I can do that) And Lilly wants Littlest Pet Shop(I can do this one too!) And of coarse the ladies all sat on his lap as well! Santa REALLY liked this , maybe too much!! We had a really fun evening eating pizza and having lots of laughs. Thanks Browers for Letting me invite myself . As always we a had a great time

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New calling

 A few weeks ago we received a phone call from the stake offices asking us if we could meet w/the sake president ,later that day. Of coarse we said, "Yes" and then had complete anxiety for the next couple hours. "What could the Stake president possibly want from us." Neither of us thought it was time to be released from our callings, Tyler has been the Cub Master for the past 18 months, and he LOVES it. I've been in the Young Women's for the same amount and that's a perfect fit for me!! But I had a really strong feeling the change was going to be for Tyler. The Stake Pres asked Tyler if he would accept the calling to be the new Elders Quarm president. Nobody ever WANTS to be the elders quarm president( so I've heard) but of coarse he accepted. Over the coarse of the week Tyler also had to choose his counselors. He really took this seriously, lots of praying, fasting and temple trips. I told him I would support him in this new calling and would fast along with him. One night I couldn't sleep and was up for most the night tossing and turning and then giving into the night and watched reality TV on MTV! As I drifted off to sleep 3 names of men in our ward popped into my head, out of no where.(I know that sounds a little weird.) I told Tyler the names that I came up with. He as well came up with the same the three names! There was some relief on his expression, but he still wanted to make sure  of his choices. He later went to the temple, and continued to feel good about his decision.He submitted the names to the bishop and the stake offices called the other 3 families. They all accepted their new calling in the elders quarm presidency.
 I have considered us 'good" people. We TRY to live the gospel and we do our best. BUT there's a LOT of room from improvement on our part.Over the past few weeks our personal and family prayers have been more thoughtful, our Scripture study has gotten better, and the feeling in our home has changed. My relationship with the Savior has grown from being "good" to 'better."  I can feel the spirit in our home a lot stronger now. I feel the Saviours love from me.Tyler is such a good example to us and he doesn't even realize it.He makes me want to be a better person, just by the way he lives his life.I think this calling has already drawn him closer to the Savior. Sometimes we just need a little change to help us become the person the lord knows we can be. In Tyler's case he's just getting a little "push" to be better, and I've already witnessed it. The Stake President set him and the other quarm apart on Sunday, He gave each of them a wonderful blessing full of promises and blessings that our ours if we live according to the gospel. The sprit was so powerful in that meeting .I was so greatful to be a part of it.
 I love this time of year. Its such a great time to be able to reflect on the Saviour and his love he has for all of us. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and an even better New Year!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Christmas Traditions

 For the 1st time this year we made a gingerbread house. I just bought one of those pre-made kits at sams club. Walker and Lilly couldn't wait to get their hands on it. An edible house! Who wouldn't love that idea! It took us two days to finish it, and by the time it was finished so was half of the candy and frosting. And I just let the kids use their imagination. They got to put the frosting and candy anywhere they wanted. Half of it went in their little mouths.  Even little Ella participated in the fun.  They really enjoyed doing it. For next year I'll try baking the gingerbread(maybe) and see how that works. I love the smell! This is going to be a new family tradition every year! 
 I realized Walker has his shirt off in these pictures. As soon as he gets home from school he takes his shirt off. Have I mentioned its 22 degrees outside. But that doesn't seem to stop him. He thinks its the coolest.I don't know where he came up with that idea. I assure you, its not from me! But its driving me crazy. Now that its cold outside there's more steps you have to take before leaving the house; socks, shoes, gloves winter coat and ugh....A SHIRT!!! 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bonco Christmas Party

We have the funnest, craziest bonco group EVER! Every time we get together its a total blas! This year for December we decided to have an ugly sweater Christmas party! I should have known that some the gals would dress the part from head to toe! I think these outrageous outfits made us age 30 years. We all looked like old -school 1st grade teachers! We later had a white elephant gift exchange. And I'm not going to put what these items were!(This blog is going to stay PG-13) But I will tell you, there was a lot of laughs, great food(thanks Destiny:) and even better company! I truly love all theses playas! Thanks for such a fun night!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Indian

Lilly has really LOVED preschool this year. She goes twice a week and cant get enough.She goes to the same one Walker did. They do such fun, cute activities. For Thanksgiving they learned about pilgrims and Indians.Mrs. Tiffany had them make Indian costumes out of a grocery store bag and a noodle necklace! Lilly thought it was the coolest! She learned that for Thanksgiving we show that we are grateful. The 5 things she said she was grateful for were 1. Her brother(that came as a small surprise to me) 2. The gospel(she learned this from family prayer!) 3. her Toys 4. Yummy food and last but not least, her family. Its been allot of fun watching Lilly learn and do things at preschool!


My sweet Ella is 9 months old.I tell her to stop growing but she doesn't seem to listen! It has  gone so incredibly fast.She's such a pure delight in our home. She has gotten 5 almost 6 new teeth.And they have just come all at once.She's not crawling yet, and that's probably all our faults in this house. She's carried and held non stop.If she makes some sort of cry Walker and Lilly are there to help. Why would she crawl if she gets that kind of service! We just love her to bits. Since she was born she makes this face that we call the "hambone face." She scrunches up her cute little nose and eyes and snorts. She does it all the time and we cant get enough of it. At 9 months she already has so much personality, I think she knows that we love this "hambone face" and she gets attention every time she does it!  She really loves Walker. Whenever she sees him her face lights up and she's so giddy happy! Lilly loves to help me dress her and even change her diapers! Its hard to remember a time not having this little baby around.We just love her! Like I said before, its just gone so fast.

The Club house gets a new paint job

 The imagination of little children is priceless. And so fun to watch. It was a beautiful day here, especially for December! in fact its scary how nice its been. It feels almost like Christmas in Az! Which I know it wont last forever, so I make my kids play outside.Walker had his best buddy over after school and they just find things to do and things to get into (like dad's tool box or trailer.) They were dressed in Halloween costumes when I checked on them outside. This is usually fine and good. I had a friend over for a few minutes. After a few minutes I notice the boys had paint on their hands and faces. When you see little boys with paint on their hands, you should always think the worse! I was scared to think of the possibilities. I then followed the boys outside and up to the playhouse to see what on earth they were doing. They thought it would be fun to paint the floor inside the clubhouse. Not only did they have paints but dads Scouting feathers as well. So the floor was covers with paint and multi colored feathers! I did do a big sigh of relief ,it wasn't on my house. I text tyler and asked if I should be mad or not. And he didn't seem to care so why should i be mad? But I had to act a little upset,so the kids wouldn't try something like this again. I had them clean up their mess. And they just kept saying, "We apologize." It was hard not to laugh. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008


O.k people I went to the midnight premiere of the movie. I just want to know what everyone else thought of it!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little pepper girl

I wanted to have this in writing, so I wouldn't forget it. I just finished making dinner and was on the phone with my sister in Az. And all of a sudden I heard a scream from Ella that I didn't recognize. I know which screams to ignore and which to pay immediate attention to. This one needed immediate attention. While I was on the phone with my sister, Lilly poured a whole cup full of pepper in Ella's high chair. Ella, who is at the age where she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth was eating pepper, and lots of it!  There were black specks all over Ella's face and in her mouth. Poor baby! I noticed Lilly was no where to be found and was hiding.I quickly washed Ella's mouth and eyes out with a cold rag and then gave her a bath. I don't think Lilly was doing anything to be mean, she just thought it wold be fun to give the baby pepper. Ella was fine. I gave her a bath and there was a million little pepper pieces floating in the water.Lilly felt bad  and we had a talk that we don't give Ella ANYTHING  until we ask mom!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I just love this kid

Walker's Rock and roll sign.He does this all the time now!

Yes, I adore Walker but the real reason I'm posting a new post, is I'm sick of Lilly's rash being the first thing I see. Its just plain disgusting! So I thought I would do a little something about my Walker. Walker turned 5 in July , I love 5! Its been so fun seeing him learn and grasp things. Isn't that what being a mom is all about?! I've been worried about him being one of the youngest in his class at school and being behind, but he's really starting to grasp his letters and numbers and even liking it! I'm just so relieved. He's such a help at home(most of the time.) I have him help me unload the dishwasher and make his bed, he even vacuumed the basement for me the other day. I have my very own little slave!! He's learning to  earn and save his money. Almost everything he saves is spent on Lego's. He's really a great big brother to Lilly and Ella. He loves to help with Ella and he's pretty patient with Lilly, which is a hard thing to do right now.All Lilly wants to do is pester and annoy him!So, he's pretty good about it. Walker loves the Book of Mormon stories and knows a lot of the stories. He reminds US to say our prayers and to read scriptures. But for some odd reason he doesn't like sacrament meeting!!? Hmm... could it be that being quiet  and sitting still for over an hour just isn't fun?Walker makes friends fast and loves to play all day with his buddies.He's been such a blessing to our family. Walker's nickname is "Boog". I've started calling him this when he was about 2 weeks old. It just stuck. And he's starting to hate it, Especially when Lilly Says it. But He'll always be my "Boog." I went in to check on him lat night while he was asleep,and just stood there watching him breathe.He looked so angelic and peaceful. I just stood there, watching in awe that he's mine and I'm his mom! I can never get tired of looking at his face. Not to mention his eyelashes are going to make any girl jealous!!Good thing he looks like his dad! 
 I could go on and on about this little boy. I just want him to know how much I love and adore him and think he's so great.I'm so proud of him. He's only five but he teaches me things everyday. We love you Walkerman.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I dont even know what to say..."The Rash"

Last Thursday Lilly was complaining that her arm hurt. So I took a look and there was a little ouchie.It looks like her armpit was rubbing against her shirt and irritating it, so I did the perfect cure all,I put a band aid on! That cures everything. Later that night I took the band aid off to give Lill a bath and there were a few more spots under her arm. I thought this is odd, but we'll wait and see if they go away or worsen. Friday, the original rash was bigger and redder and looked like some sort of flesh wound and more red spots.I got on Web MD to look up some rashes or skin conditions and there are MILLIONS of skin conditions.(maybe not millions, but close enough. )The good thing is Lilly didn't complain and they didn't hurt her, but they were spreading so fast. I called the doctor and got her in and she has some sort of bacterial rash. He gave her two different creams that needs to be applied 3 times a day and an antibiotic that she has to take for 5 days. It seriously hurt my heart to see these spots all over my Lilly!I was amazed how quick they spread from one little rash to the whole left side of her body in just a few short days. it looked like some flesh eating disease.I'm so grateful for well educated, trained doctor's and modern medications.  What would happen if we didn't have this technology now!?? I don't think I would have made a very good pioneer!  Needless to say, after a few days of medicine Lilly's rash is doing a lot better. Thank goodness!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lilly's pre school

Lilly's cute preschool class with Mrs. Tiffany
Lilly was so excited to go to preschool dressed as her Tinkerbell! They had a little Halloween party and all the kids dressed up. Mrs. Tiffany had the kids do a little parade down the sidewalk. This is more for the amusement of the parents. I thought it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen! And then they had a Trunk or Treat and got candy  from the parents. It was really quick but just so cute. Lilly thought it was just great! Anytime she gets to dress up as a princess and get candy has got to be the best day ever!!

Happy Halloween

Crazy Becky in her Space man suit. THAT SHE MADE!!
Tinkerbell, isnt she a cutie???!
Ella and Tyson, I think they'll get married!!
Tyler in Walker's Strom Trooper mask
Ella already for some "haunting"
We had ourselves a great Halloween this year! For school this year Walker had to dress up like the chearcters he is studying in at school, which happens to be Christopher Columbus. He dressed like a king or some kind of crusader and had a good time at school. As soon as he got home home he changed into his favorite costume, the storm trooper(form star wars.) He loves anything from star wars.He has worn this costume everyday for the past 2 months,and you can tell. It has grass stains, holes and is torn in some spots, but he still thinks it's the coolest.We went over to our good friends, the Browers for dinner. The kids were just dying to  get outside and go Trick-or Treating! Forget eating a healthy and good dinner, Give me candy!! So we did our Trick or Treating at the double cul-desac and covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time, meaning we got LOTS of candy! Walker was  the Storm Trooper, Lilly was Tinkerbell and Ella was the cutest, softest bunny I've ever seen!  The weather was so wonderful, it reminded me of Arizona. It was about 70 degrees outside . This year the kids and adults didn't need coats or gloves and could just enjoy being outside. I loved it. It was so fun going to all our neighbors and seeing everyone in passing. Everybody was outside enjoying the amazing fall weather! I just loved it. We had a great time and way to much candy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adults Halloween Party

Stacy and J Pack
All of the "gents"

All of the ladies dressed up!
All week long I have been trying to catch up on laundry, and getting the kids back on schedule. That's what happens when you get home from vacation! So to say the least we were really looking forward to the "adults only"Halloween party .Our neighbors and good friends hosted a Murder Party with 12 other couples and had a Renaissance theme.We got a babysitter for the kids and had ourselves a  great time at the party. We were surrounded with fun friends that were all dressed up and mid evil food that was all really good. And guess who was the murderer? That would be me. Only one person guessed me as the murderer. So I was a dang good actress! I was really surprised how easy it was to get Tyler to participate. Usually he doesn't want to dress up and look ridiculous, but he did. It was a lot of fun! Thanks to Stacy and J Pack for a fun night! My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so much.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged again

I normally don't really do tags, but this one is easy enough. All you do is pick the 4th picture in the the 4th folder and tell about it. Well here's mine. I think this was our anniversary or my birthday(they are just days apart) but I think this was our 5th anniversary. Tyler had Walker bring in a dozen red roses. Walker Walked up handed me roses that were almost as big as he was and said, "Here mommy."  I love getting flowers. I know they dont last long and they die, but I love the way they look, and smell and who they came from.Tyler is always really good about birthdays, and anniversaries and always tries to do something special and thoughtful for me.I'm just lucky to have him! So now I annoyingly tag Meredith, Amanda, Brianne(if she'll participate) Amy, Destiny ,Tina Ashley,and Tandy. Just do it, its an easy one!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

San Diego Trip

For fall break we decided last minute to take a family trip to San Diego. We love San diego! Tyler's parents met us there for  a week of fun! We stayed right on the beach so we had plenty of beach time. If there's such a thing! We did the beach and Sea World, ate at my all time favorite restaurant in Old Town, Balboa park and just had a great time. Were so glad that grandma and grandpa Atkin were up for the adventure! We had a blast!

Walker enjoying the warm sand and turning himself into the "sandman"

Lilly loved playing in the sand and teasing her brother
Lilly thought it was so funny putting sand down Walker's swimsuit! Can you say pesky little sister!

Ella's first visit to the beach

Walker and Lilly paying in the water.I love this picture
Walker collecting sea shells

The kids LOVED the Shamu show. Tyler and Walker saw it 2x's

Ella just hung out! While we were at Sea World I found 3 new teeth pocking out! OUCH!! She was still such a trooper.
Walker and Lilly in the Polar bear cave. The cave sounds like a huge Polar Bear growL. You can tell my their faces they were a bit scared!
Walker got to go on the water roller coaster ride with dad and grandma. Lilly isn't tall enough to go and was so sad. Grandpa made her  happy though!
Just hangin out!
Riding rides was fun with dad and grandma! How many grandma's do you know who love rides?
Mom and Walker on the ride~

Walkers new smile, he always makes this face now for the camera.

Two very tired and exhausted kids! They played hard at Sea World
We had such a fun time and look forward going back.

Monday, October 6, 2008

top 20 things that bug me

1. Cheap people(frugal is fine)
2.Public bathrooms(I'll just hold it)
3. Lilly's room( I'll pick it up and 10 minutes later, its a disaster)
4. Dirty sinks
5. Getting gas in the snow (Ty usually makes sure I don't have to do this)
6.Taking out the garbage( in the snow)
7. Blow Drying my hair(It takes FOREVER)
8. The f- word
9.Getting out of a hot shower and being cold when I get out
10. Nursing ( I'm still doing this one)
11. Being cold( can you tell I hate winter?)
12. Smelly dish rags
13. Teller marketers ( especially the same ones that keep calling)
14.Bad breath
15.Women that look and feel great during pregnancy(basically women that LOVE being pregnant)
16. Skinny people that think they're fat
18. When my kitchen is a mess(I cant go to bed until its clean)
19.SLOW people at the checkout( I seem to always be in the wrong line)
20.the never ending football game on t.v (this seems to be every Sunday!!)
 ****Lacie thinks I'm being bitter so heres 20 things that make me happy!!****
1. Warm sunny days
2. When my children say "thank-you" after I made them dinner
3. A good book
4. A great movie
5. Warm homemade choc.chip cookies
6. A clean house(including Lilly's room)
7. Being w/ my family
8.A great pair of fitting jeans
9. going on dates w/my husband
10. Good friends
11.  Make-up counters
12. My young women (I love my cute beehives)
13. A really good work out
14. Getting my hair done
15. Going to the temple
16. Girls night outs
17. A quiet house(never happens!)
18. Going to the dentist and not having any cavities (never happens)
19. My children( I just love em)
20. When my kids FINALLY get something I've been trying to teach them( Walker can now write his name, we've been working on this for MONTHS!!)
21.The gospel( I don't know what I would be like w/o it)
***Hope your happy now Lacie**** Now it's your turn

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soccer days are over

A few months ago Walker told us he really, really wanted to play soccer this fall. So being good parents, we signed him up to play. He got his uniform, soccer shoes, and pads and he was really fired up to go play soccer with his buddies. Then came game day! He was kicking and screaming and not wanting to go AT ALL. What on earth happened to the child that REALLY, REALLY  wanted to play soccer. I began to think I took crazy pills. By choice, he sat out most of the 1st  game. Once again, what happened to the excited boy, who wanted to play soccer?!! So throughout the week, we talked about how to be a good sport on the field and just play to have fun. it's supposed to be fun, right? By the second game, he played and had a fun time doing it. The games were two times  a week between 5 and 6:30. Which made things really busy at our house. Busy is fun and good, but being at three spots at the same time is difficult.There were many times it was like pulling teeth to get Walker ready to go,but once he was there he had a good time. Soccer isn't one of his favorite sports to play.  At least, right now. Its great to watch and see your children grow and learn new things and develop their talents.It's all about trial error and learning what they like and enjoy doing. I'm learning as I go. Poor Walker, he's our trial and error child. Hopefully in the end he'll still loves us!! We had a great time going to his games and cheering him on. GO WALKER !!!