Monday, December 24, 2012

Temple Square

Bundled up, ready for Temple square!...Do we look warm enough?!

The whole fam....

The Christmas tree in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Hot chocolate....

Cookies and hot chocolate= Happy 2 yr old!!!

I couldn't remember the last time Ive been up to Temple Square, for the beautiful Christmas lights! We always go to the Mesa Temple after, Thanksgiving (warmer weather,no snow etc..) It was about time to take the children up for the Temple Square experience! Isn't it funny how something as simple as loading the children up in the car turns out to be headache?!Let me explain, I got all the kids loaded up in the car. When I say "loaded" up I mean each child had their warmest clothes for walking around Temple Square meaning; gloves,jackets ,beanies, and of coarse snacks! Not long after we were headed to to the freeway, my Expedition broke down. I forget to mention it was snowing outside and it was  really cold! We recently had the fuel pump replaced,but obviously it wasn't fixed right...ugh!!!!! Fortunately, I was able to get the vehicle home by stopping and starting the dang thing several times over. Probably not the best strategy, but it worked! Once we got the Expedition loaded in the garage, I had to unload the car seats to Tyler's truck, pack the kids back up, get all the snow gear. Can you say FRUSTRATED!!! I forgot to also mention we had to pick Tyler up in Lindon, so it wasn't an option to just stay put! Otherwise, I would have considered that option! As I was running around the truck with the car seats, I totally slipped and fell. It took my breath away and I'm not going to hurt! I laid there for a minute, dusted off my snow covered body, felt sorry for myself and loaded all the kids in the truck! We picked Tyler up and everyone (who is 9 and younger) wanted In-n-Out Burger for dinner.

 Temple Square was beautiful. It just finished snowing and everything looked majestic! We all got hot chocolate and cookies and took turns chasing after Hudson! It was a fun family activity and Im glad we went. I can due without the cold and the snow. But I have to admit,it makes Christmas.....feel like Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

St.George Marathon

Months ago we started talking about doing a MARATHON,that's 26.2 miles. I don't know about you,but that seems like a lot of miles! We started training and that meant early Saturday mornings AND early Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Early like 5:15 am!!! The furthest any of us has gone was a half  a Marathon, 13.1 miles! Before long we did 14 miles, than 14 turned 16, 16 turned to 18 and 18 turned 21 and 21 turned to 23! I can honestly say we've ran all over Spanish Fork and had many long runs in the river bottoms with families of deers! We ran the Provo River trail on Saturdays, and Provo Canyon  and had a few scary experiences running up and down Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville basically...WE ran EVERYWHERE!!!

The closer the date got to our Marathon the more precautiious we got. Nobody wants to put in that much training time and than get hurt last minute! I kicked children out of the house that were sick (if they didnt belong to me:), I didn't wear heels to church for fear I would fall,and ate what I knew my body could handle,Like I said percauticious!!! But we weren't prepared for a death!

One week before the Marathon Corinne's brother in law was shot and killed. He served as a border Patrolmen in Arizona.This was devastating! Corinne and her family flew out to Arizona to be with family and make funeral arrangements.Last minute Corinne and her family decided she needed to run and finish this race that she has been training for. She flew in Time to meet us at the Expo center to get her bib number. She spent the night with my family at the condo and w got ready for our run and picked Lacie up in the morning! I couldn't believe she was there with us! It was an amazing experience having her there with us!

Tyler dropped us off at the bus stops and from there the buses drove us up to the start of the race. It was still pitch black outside, but the energy and nervousness was as thick as the fog outside!!! Driving the 26.2 miles on the bus seemed FAR...REALLY FAR!!! They had music going and fire pits to stay warm. It was cold and windy. I really just wanted the race to start to get warmed up!! It wasn't long after we did our last "official" pee break that the race started. We didn't even know the gun went off to start the race! The 3 of us stayed together for the 1st 6 miles and Lacie and I lost Corinne at mile 6 or 7 ( who knows what mile it is, theres still 20 more to go!) Lacie and stayed together til mile 18. I had to go to the bathroom and didn't want her to wait for me and my full bladder!!! About mile marker 18 I could see people getting cramps, throwing up, or just hurt or maybe just tired. At mile 20 or 21 I put my head phones in just ran my little heart out! I was determined not to injure myself,or be dehydrated but I also felt like I was well trained and prepared. I have to say,by mile 23, and 24 I WAS TIRED!!! And just wanted to be done! I finished the race at 4 hrs and 12 minutes! I was so happy to hear my family calling my name and being at the finish line for me,It really meant a lot to me! Tyler's mom and dad came and John and Addie with the kids! Towards the end I was just picturing my loved ones faces at the finish line! I finished!!! Would I do another Marathon again...YES!!!! I loved running with Lacie and Corinne! I loved finishing something I didn't think I could do! It was such a great experience!!

Here's the day before!!!!

The 3 of us together at the Expo center. 

Here's after the race!!!


California Trip...Passey style

San Diego Trip with my whole family!!! My bff,Teri! We've been friends since 7th grade!!! I love her to pieces!!

Coranado ice cream!!!

Tyler and I stayed at the Del for our honeymoon almost 12 years ago! It was so fun to go back. It hasnt changed at all!But we have!! 4 kids later, a few extra lbs, and 12 yeas later!!! 

I love this tall,dark handsome guy...who wouldnt?!!!

The family all at the Del!!! Its got to be one of my favorite place on the planet!!

My dad....

I wait all year for this place! THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD ON THE PLANET!!! Old Town Mexican Cafe!Weve been going here since I was just a kid!!! I love it!!

Peanut in the sand....

The Mr....

Cousin Charlee..... with Lilly anad Ella!!

View of the bay!!! I ran around the bay every morning= glorious!!!!

My attitude son ( 9yrs old)

Teri amd I at Sea Port Village

Lots and lots of beach time!~!!

Hudson LOVED THE WATER!!! In fact I had to go all Baywatch on him and run and save him from drowning in the ocean!!He's fearless....

The whole Passey fam!!!

My beautiful family!!!

beach babe Lilly...

Lilly and Charlee...such cute little friends!

Walker caught crabs at the tides!!!

Paddle boarding at the bay......

Summer Catch up!!!!

Summer favorites!!! 4th of July at Provo Canyon at Aunt Suzie's house!!! The 4th is my favorite holiday!!!

Homemade Root beer...Ella loves!!! 

Favorite Carter cousins!!!

Being in swimsuits ALL DAY!!!

Who needs a swimsuit when you look this good!!!?

We went to every parade...Lilly cheered her little heart out in every town parade!!!!Hudson and dad just chillin...watching the parade!!!

Ella with her parade face!!!

Walker ,comfy, warm and ready for some more parade time!!!


Ella with her bestie for Ivy League dance recital!!! Aren't they cute!!?

Tyler turned 35!! And I successfully made a cheesecake!! That's something to blog about!! I love birthdays,but hate to bake!!!

My birthday...34!!!!

And my life!!!! 4 sweet,irresistible kids ....I love this picture Hudson crying while were trying to look happy...PERFECT!!!!!